Monday, March 17, 2014

I have a Problem....

Do people really want to hear the day to day blah blah...????

Funny, I do read a number of blogs where I do like to hear how their dog, sick husband or adoptation process is going... mixed with some design pictures etc. I have recently discontinued reading many
but; strangely I keep open a number that I have been reading for a few years now, YIKES! Do I really care? Guess, I am hooked on some.

This is an opening to explain to basically to (my family...the main readers of my blog) why I haven't been posting.

Mid January, I decided house reno is the concept! We own another smaller house and we could move into while we renovate. All cool... till, some purchasers decide they would like to buy the smaller house....we are 3/4's moved into small house!

We have now spent eight weeks fussing back and forth, East and West design concepts colliding combined with a wonderfully patient, hardworking, local real estate agent I have known for over 10 years. Three quarters moved into the smaller house we are basically stalled as we all try and work out what will protect present owners of the development while answering the concepts the purchaser's have for the property. We would all like to make it work but today....we have had to admit defeat.

Meanwhile an inquiry over the internet....maybe a a tire kicker but, Phuket is a wonderful spot embracing all who like warmth and good food with a generally very favourable life style. Perhaps?
It just throws another angle into it all. The gentleman requests I put things on hold till he can come from Europe. Since we are in negotiations over the small house with another group it sort of works.

In the meantime the darling adult children have requested with the  renovation... could the bedrooms become more like hotel suites?, including coffee machines, beer fridges etc. This is not a problem... the general concept of the renovation is to change the house plan from a teenage family friendly home where the old parents can hear you come in and at what time... to NO MORE...they are old enough to not worry about...well sort of!!

It goes on but, in the meantime the hold has given me time to really work out the design concept
for the renovation...Hollywood Regency meets Morrocan vibe..... ummm got it? Lots of tile and terrazzo....the plan is a major design swing creating a courtyard where the old pool is...moving the master bedroom to the back end of the house so people can come and go without disturbing the old parents!

Will it work? we will see...


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columnist said...

It would be a shame to lose the pool, but that's a personal desire, because I like to swim daily or as near as; but that needs 20m, and maybe it's not that big? Your juggling trick sounds complicated. I always think that if we had a really good offer on our property in Bangkok, I'd take it. But then where would we live?