Sunday, February 28, 2010

Phuket to Paris

As I have to transit through Paris on my way to the UK when I came across some memories of last year's April in Paris well...I am not sure that March will have the same feel. This is a bit of a weird little selection of images from a city that has just that extra little twist on everything!

Note: even the dry cleaners in Paris have gorgeous clothes hanging ready to be picked up.

Fabulous Faucets

Patricia Gray, an award winning designer in Vancouver with a great blog, posted this fabulous faucet by Hego Water Design on her site. The orchid of course immediately links it to Thailand's style - I would love to install this in a new house in Phuket! I have not yet discovered who made this other fabulous faucet I spotted while in Singapore but both are tempting to use somewhere!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Phuket Thai Style Whites

Discovered this sweet little take on the whites just the other day - too bad they were closed!

London Bound

Hoping to check out this recent renovation in London town and hoping the sunshines A LOT! 'Cause it has rained and rained and rained even the die hard Londoners are complaining.

Located  right in Soho, this is a fabulous spot for just about any event big or small you could imagine. It looks like their designers are right on the  colour and style pulse of 2010.

All images courtesy of Kettners... do check their site as there is much more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phuket Pets

In the continued spirt of Desire to Inspire's Monday pet posts on furniture here is a few more the group that call Phuket 28/10 their home. This is why Babycakes just had to find a home!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rearranged exchange

Just another picture of the Paris flat...a wonderful big dining table. It had been the owner's conference table.

Phuket Paris Home Exchanging

We have had great success in exchanging our homes in traveling the globe. There is a great thrill to not be handed a whopping bill as you leave your vacation spot, especially when you have a group of your darlings with you. People usually ask, What about your stuff ? Well, anything that is irreplaceable you simply put away.

The only issue I have ever had is in styles of housekeeping, I tend to fuss about and leave a very clean house, spots ready in the closets for guests to hang clothes etc., ...while some cultures are lovely and relaxed and seemingly just waltz out the door in a quite a rush. You simply have to get over it...

The one thing I must confess when I get to the exchange I sometimes rearrange furniture if it isn't hard to move back. I have had exchangers suggest it's much better and ask me to leave it...I hope they aren't just being polite! Last year we had a super little spot in the 7th, lovely light and generally sparsely furnished it was fun to move things about and take some fun shots!

Inspired design for Phuket

Continuing on with thoughts of inspiring design I'd love to see on the island of Phuket, here is a gorgeous development in Turkey that might sit well here. In fact it might be slightly more anchored with the lush green of Phuket embracing and contrasting with the buildings. Strong and monumental - what a statement they make.

Many apologies to the architects and photographer; I cannot for the life of me find the link to credit. I'll keep looking.

Where's the design?

Looks like it is just right here in my house at the moment...last week this sweet baby was rescued on the highway by son David as he headed off surfing in Indo....lucky for he and me he did find a home for the sweetie before he left but, I had to nurse her for a the nick of time her owners picked her up...we were getting way too attached. Look at the perfect balance in markings - mother nature is still the best designer! I should have had her on turquoise to really make her designer 2010.

Then this morning look what was in the livingroom...poor thing couldn't wait to head and dry inside I guess; normally with my pup count they head the other way. Such a pretty head....real design....the markings around its eyes would put most make-up artists to shame!