Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stairway to the Stars in Phuket

How you move a complete set of stairs into a done deal!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Interesting Exercise....

While guiltily catching up on my blog reading this afternoon,( I should have been sorting YUK!) I came across this brilliant photo on Carla Loves Photography. Do have a look it is completely spontaneous and charming. Carla did much of the photography for the  books of Vicki Archer of French Essence. Carla with another photographer Nicole Boenig McGrade is giving a two day workshop in Paris this coming November in portrait photography. Reading the material for the workshop I thought I might go through the exercise of seeing if I might be able to fulfill their requirements for taking the course. Submit 5 portraits.

Since I like to 'catch' people not sit them for a portrait I thought I might have a problem coming up with five pictures....surprise, surprise it was fun to run through the files and there were way more than I thought. Now which would I pick if I was to continue with the exercise rather then just muse....after reviewing my selection I bet there is a lot to learn from these two talented women.

I loved this unexpected shot taken in Bejing...perhaps with some cropping?

A great young piano jazz player in Krakow....

This happy fellow in Bejing was caught out of a taxi window at a red light. (bit blurry though)

These waiting rickshaw drivers also may require cropping...

This little guy probably has a little too much bright sun on his face.

Just because.... brides are fun but, not sure it is really great in black and white.

This bride who was in red somehow needs something more....maybe just her sullen look that has no appeal?

I rather like this fellow at work but...

Taken from across the street in Shanghai this gentleman really fits a typecast.

A favorite is this fellow in the upside down mirror sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Hyde Park
last year but is it a portrait?

This little Lao princess is sweet but, rather expected.

The beautiful 'Beau'....I am not thrilled with the busy surroundings he is sitting on.

A selection of some my darlings.... well how can one be objective?

Finally, my SCF and lover.....great friends both!

I rather lean to the first and last what do you think?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Mother Nature....

then a camera...what wonders of design!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brillant Idea

#3 of Last Week...
Whose idea was it to do a chevron pattern on the sandwash deck anyway?
It takes 4x as long and we (meaning 4 dogs and 2 cats) are all trapped inside from dawn till dark....

Birthday Girl

Last Week # 2
Darling daughter #2 came home from Shanghai for her birthday...and her baby bro popped in from Bali on his way to Canada. Did I mention 4 out of 6 babes at home for the weekend!
(P.S. Love the Paul Smith jockey)

A Handsome Boy- Lost and Found

How last week went ...

#1. Helpful villagers returned this Husky to us thinking it was ours .....
      We fell in love,
       it took a week but, earnest adverts returned him to his home.