Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shanghai Wish List

I wish, I had managed to get a picture of the gentleman pulling this 'furniture store'. In Shanghai, just like here in Phuket these 'stores' roam the streets. It inspires me to get out and  take some photos of our moving laddermen carts, furniture carts(usually chaises),  and broom & rake carts.

I wish, we had gone into this restaurant to see what they served.

I wish I had bought these beautiful green jars.
(maybe they just look better in the picture but I do love the shape)

Deep Orchid Purple in Phuket

Jungle Purple from orchids to wall...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I should have kept on reading!

From the Contemporist...

'The Club Hotel by Ministry of Design
The Club is Ministry of Design’s latest high design boutique hotel offering in the uber chic Club Street conservation area with 22 distinctly unique rooms, a rooftop skybar with alfresco deck and a destination F&B venue with a tapas bar on the ground floor.
Conceptualizing The Club’s branding, MOD has orchestrated a unified design vision to all related collateral, signage and spatial environments. Targeted at the design and lifestyle savvy global nomad, The Club’s blend of sophisticated and comfortable design is at once distinctly local as it is cutting edge global.
Colin Seah, Design Director says, “Searching to ground the hotel in the context of Singapore as well as the historically rich conservation area of Club Street and Ann Siang Hill, we drew its inspiration from 2 sources.”
“The first is Singapore’s colonial past, which we have made modern tongue-in-cheek references to through art installation like features such as an larger-than-life statue of Raffles with his head in the clouds as well as through some key furniture pieces and artifacts.
The second inspiration was drawn from the area’s popularity as a remittance center for turn of the century Chinese immigrants where hard earned money and wistful letters were sent back to the homeland. We have taken the memories of these exchanges and created features that hint of this legacy in the rooms of The Club, where the modern day nomad and the nomad of yesterday cross paths for a moment.”
All rooms combine traditional colonial design inspired elements together with sleek modern detailing, attitude and creature comforts – creating a colonial chic aesthetic. Unique layouts together with tailored artwork in each room make each of the 22 rooms distinct. MOD designed the artwork and famed local artist Wynlyn Tan implemented them in the hotel.
Guests have the option of checking in at the ground level lobby or at the panoramic roof top Sky Bar, overlooking the Club Street conservation area and CBD. F&B areas designed by Jane Yeo include Lobby Lounge, Tapas Bar, and 2 private function rooms.'

Black and White returns to Singapore

In Singapore last fall we stayed at the wonderful Scarlett. Each day as we headed out  exploring we walked right by this empty building - FOR RENT -  it had been recently painted / renovated (although the colour scheme perhaps left something to be desired), big and empty it did look like it had tons of potential. Right next door to the Scarlett and just at the top of a great street leading into loads of wonderful restaurants, shops and fun clubs, it had a super location. Now look what has happened to the FOR RENT building in the last few months!  Ummmmm perhaps time for another visit to Singapore...........................................


The Club has just opened  and MOD has not left  a trace of that lime green!
It looks as if Mod was influenced by Singapore's famous black and white colonial houses.
I am wondering if that is  Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in the front entry?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Thai Style

Yesterday while trying to take a 'single picture' to illustrate 'my style' for  from The Right Bank, I snapped a few of the living/dining area at home. DD#3 insists I must move on to taking pictures in RAW and then get the 'look' I want by manipulating the picture in photoshop. "You don't believe that that photographer hasn't manipulated the shot on the computer Mom, of course they have!" Back in the dark ages I thought if I just learned the apertures, light levels etc. I might come up with a good shot or two....ah well... there is another way it seems. The following were not taken in RAW and other then straightening and cropping, (the extent of my skills) the pictures still do illustrate the feel of the room.  The area has a number of paint colours and then sometimes hues of each colour which I have yet to see anywhere else.

From Thailand to Blogland

Allie from The Right Bank has challenged aficionados of design blogs to define our 'style' in one picture.
At a quick glance of the entries everyone seems to have a very 'eclectic style' in their choices. Do have a look and see what you think. There are some gorgeous rooms featured.

I wonder if anyone has actually chosen their own home? Am I the one and only?

picture not sure where from

This room has some aspects I would like to incorporate into my next living room namely the double height, a fireplace and most of all I love the library mezzanine, of course a grand piano in the corner always adds a wonderful finishing touch. In the mean time I would have to say my own living - dining areas reflect accurately my 'style'.  Airy high ceilings with lots of seating, some books, reflections of our own travels and life in furnishings and art with some French/Thai sparkle (mirrors and chandeliers) combined with open easy access to the garden and pool areas.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coming Home to Thailand

all pictures from Six Senses site

Well.... it IS Thailand but, not the everyday for sure! This is the very unique
Soneva Kiri on Koh Kood by Six Senses. You are ferried by the resort's own airplane
from Bangkok's International Airport to this perfect vision of a very special 'Thai lifestyle.' 

The core values of the  Six Senses group are absolutely in tune with today. The company is committed to creating resort properties while, innovative and enlightening experiences for their guests the complete experience is sustainable, local and organic.

Just imagine a bird's nest in the sky to dine is just one of the very unique
experiences you may try at this very, very special new resort.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bye Bye Bombay

A little off track but...if any of you are near the Hollywood Fringe Festival, one of darling daughter #2's childhood friends has a one woman show she developed after living with darling daughter in India.

Those were crazy funny days, wishing I could be there to relive the flavour of it all!

P.S. Looks like Mary Ching and group know what I'm talking about too -  check out her post today.

Sunpowered from Shanghai

Hand in hand with the world becoming a better greener place Tonji University has developed and entered this wonderful 'Bambu' house at the Solar Decathalon Europe. Definitely a 'contemporary interpretation of a traditional form'! I would like to read further about it's self- sustaining capabilities but other than the article from inhabitat there doesn't seem to be too  much out there interior shots which really would be interesting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shanghai Celebrates

While the city architecturally has moved directly into the 21st century somehow this sweet show in the park was totally caught in the sixties.