Monday, August 31, 2009

The White House in Phuket

This is the spot where the party for Dad is planned. My great friend Tracey has yet to have had a big party in her house so it seemed a good idea to try it out. We have been tweaking and adding as budgets permit. The easiest addition has been accent paint colours to walls that  reflect Tracey's vibrant personality. The office has the perfect golden orange matched to the comet fish in the 2 meter square tank dividing the office and living area. This picture is not great, (pictures are not hung and upholstery not complete) but it does convey the colour.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick Trip to Sing

Spoiled this week for things happening. Tuesday morning daughter Chrissy and I hopped on a flight to Singapore for a two day stay. In ten years of transiting through Changi Airport I have never been and stayed in the city. How incredibly stunned. What a fabulous, fun, cosmopolitan, hospitable and safe place. The old sections of China town, Arab street and India town abound with great shops to discover. The huge shopping malls have the latest of absolutely everything!

Indian Summers

Oh my gosh. My dad is turning 85 - do you know what that means? I'm getting really old, that's what. But enough about me. Let's talk about the party we're throwing for him.  My friend Tracey has graciously offered to host it - she hasn't had a big party since she finished her house (are they ever really finished?) and it will be fun to show it off and see how it really works for a big party.

As a gift for my dad, we're flying down two jazz musicians from Bangkok to play with him. My daughter Chrissy put together a fun invite using an old snap where he was playing in a big band circa 1953!

Why Concrete Jungle?

When the idea to start the blog was hatched one of the reasons was in building houses here - first my own, then my parents', then my son's and helping one of my good friends - the common denominator in style was using polished concrete in ways I hadn't seen before, hence the 'concrete jungle' name. I have been able to work with a very skilled gentleman from Myanmar who thinks and often improves on my initial ideas. I started using polished concrete just for floors with the contemporary style of architecture, but the use of concrete quickly expanded into shelves, beds and's quite fabulous when you move in or out as most of the big items do stay put.

Starting somewhere

For the last year I have been meaning to really get this blog happening. There are tons of great things to record and comment on in our part of the world which no one seems to be doing to any great extent.

I have developed a huge addiction to reading design blogs as a great way to keep up with what is happening the world over in interior design and architecture. Its fun, free and very, very informative. The problem is by the time I get through reading the daily posts real life does seem to take over, leaving little time for doing my own blog!

However; this past week an article written by my daughter on life here in Phuket was published and in it is this blog site address so here goes!