Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Test from China

The internet can be a challenge in China.

Just a random picture to see if it works.

No .....the random picture up load did not work from the hotel wireless.....

This all may well beyond until I hit the shores of Phuket.

I will keep trying however you all will know what has happened when nothing appears here for a bit!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slow Boats, Fast Boats and Three Plank Canoes on the Mekong

There is an amazing assortment of watercraft on the Mekong. The type of boat used is quite specific to not only to what it is being used for but, also to each country. The Mekong has many faces and each country has adapted their watercraft to suit the face in their country. Laos having one of the longest stretches
of the Mekong of any country has many boat styles, expert navigators and paddlers.

Some of the Highs and Lows in BKK

The city has something of everything, architecturally it is easy still to see some of the recent evolution from single family to low and high rise just from one hotel window!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colorful Bangkok

The BIG city.....after just about anywhere .....
Bangkok is amazing.....
Vibrant is the word!

The Shutters of Luang Prabang

The town of Luang Prabang had been sacked and burned mostly to the ground in the nineteenth century. At this time it was offered to the king of Laos for the country to become a French protectorate. With the French ruling Vietnam and Cambodia it seemed a wise move for the king to accept the offer. This did herald the arrival and interpretation of European architectural styles in Laos. Walking around town it was fun to note one architectural aspect of the buildings.