Monday, January 31, 2011

So you want to learn how to cook Thai Food!

The Blue Elephant in the Governor's Mansion is also a cooking school. Thai food is one of the most popular styles of cooking today. Learn how at The Blue Elephant's Cooking School, in some of the loveliest surroundings to be found in Phuket.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Phuket Governor's Mansion

Some lovely decorative accents on the main floor of the mansion.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Governor's Mansion Phuket - Second Floor

This floor is used now for special functions. It could be a wonderful venue for any number  of exceptional events. The architectural details and mouldings are so rich.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A True Sino-Colonial Mansion in Phuket Town

This mansion is regarded as the finest  and grandest example of 'Angmor-lao' the Chinese name  for a home of this size and quality in Phuket. 'Angmor ' meaning foreign and 'lao' meaning mansion. The ochre hued Italianate styled Phra Phitak Chyn Pracha Mansion sits on the edge of old Phuket Town.  Facing south to Krabi Road the mansion captures the tropical breezes and is situated on a land plot of almost 2 acres. The banyan trees on the property are breathtaking!

The mansion was built in 1903 by the Tin mine baron Tan Ma Sieng. In the past on occasion, it has been used as the governor's mansion explaining it's present moniker. Inherited by the son, Sithi Thandaavanitj it was barely maintained for decades. When we arrived in Phuket in 2000 the building was very worn and tired and rumours abounded, what would happen to it? After the death of Khun Pracha Tandavanitj  in 2006 the house was occasionally opened as a private museum by his widow during Phuket's Heritage Week celebrations. Finally in 2008 a lease was signed with the famous Blue Elephant restaurant group. A major restoration ensued from a new roof to the foundations. It has quite a different interpertation on the interior now from the original but it nontheless is beautifully done and has given the old mansion a new and exciting life!

The 'Governor's Mansion' Phuket Town

The 'Governor's Mansion' in Phuket recently was restored. Here is the exterior, just wait till tomorrow for more than the stairway view of the interior posted yesterday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Passing It On - A Blog of Substance Award

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With thanks to Carole at Dear Designer's Blog

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There are  so many, many wonderful blogs out there.
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