Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh Dear!

After surfing the net checking out this idea and that, looking for inspiration  here and there, I feel pretty much like this fabulous creation by Frederique Morrell.

This husband and wife team create these absolutely amazing pieces from vintage tapestry and needle work. They produce more than these fantasy pieces, they have fabulous ottomans, and will create custom pieces of furniture etc. even lamp shades!

Their pieces make me want to abandon most of what I am surrounded with and start again....the fun it would be to do a room around "ma biche" too  wonderful!

Thank Goodness it's Sunday

Just for fun! be a kid again...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Room of One's Own

Well, actually a couple of rooms. As Phuket gets busier and busier one often thinks of that 'shack' on the beach mini escape being what one should really have, preferably out on an island in Phang Nai bay or perhaps up as high as you can go in the hills, would work too.

This week I discovered  Prefab Company , a new Thai company that are producing this little gem of a mini house that could be quite perfect dropped on the seashore or high in the hills.

Based on the current container conversion craze this company has made the ceilings a little higher and the box just a little wider. A neat little plan has a spot for everything in just 34 square metres. Prices start at 600,000.00 Thai baht or around 18,000.00 USD.

The exterior is finished in an interesting material composed of sawdust and recycled milk bottles. Happily Thailand is starting to embrace the green theme in the construction industry. All and all a fine addition to the Tiny house revolution.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine Thoughts

The first of February almost here, I seem to always say " how does this happen?" It is so surprising to see a month of a brand new year just simply gone.  As Kimora Lee Simmons says "time waits for no woman!" We must keep it all happening.
These gorgeous images I noted at Christmas time from Shanghai Tang's Holiday catalogue by Chandelier Creative and thought they were so soft and nice I'd save them for valentine thoughts.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Fun in the Details- Linking Outside to Inside in Phuket!

January and February are usually the best months weatherwise here in Phuket.  We try and design to take advantage
of this.

Fountains are cooling and great feng shui here. The seating areas in most of the homes tend to blend as seemlessly as possible from inside to outside. Seating/lounge areas are placed just about everywhere even in the water! These fun terrazzo egg seats are from an artist in Vietnam, they came in a wonderful array of colours.

Somethings in the garden to look at as one cools their toes. These sandstone heads are made in Vietnam but are modeled on a Cambodian King and Queen from yesteryear.

 A fun gift of South African cranes make me smile every morning!

Cushions bring some colour to the polish concrete and white of this outdoor sitting area.

The black murano glass chandelier links the cushions as well as the cool black interior wall.

I love these iridescent mosaic tiles, depending on what colour you accent with they tend to enhance and reflect it.

Above is the beginning....

As the accent colours became bolder downstairs....this hot pink seemed a natural progression.
A great blow up picture of the room's owner on vinyl, as this bed sized swing is outside on a big veranda. It  all began with the fun hot pink chandelier that couldn't be resisted!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Endless possibilities - a clever new idea!

Picked this up on Urban Daddy, have a look, I think this is genius for the designer or just about anyone!
Check out Lamp in a Box fun for all of you who are snowed in or not. umm... now I need new lamp shades in the green room...the lavender bedroom etc....


Simply upload your artwork and you'll receive a custom built lamp with your graphics on the shade.

First, download the kit containing a template for your artwork.

When you are finished, upload the file and purchase the DESIGN IT YOURSELF lamp. Note: Upload will not be complete until after check out.

After you upload and check out, we create your lamp, which you will receive in 4-6 weeks.
 Base choices:

21" Tall X 7" Wide

Custom Shade: $59.00
Brushed Nickel Lamp
 Base: $34.00
Complete Lamp: $89.00
(Click to see the box!)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bamboo Bikes Yet!

Bamboo to me is inherently Asian however it grows well on most continents and is a wonderfully sustainable resource used for residential furnishings, flooring etc. In keeping with something of interest for the biking men in my life have a look at this site gentlemen.

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Details Close to Home

Ahhh.... Colour Saturation and polished concrete

found here at Boat Lagoon's - W house

all pictures by M. Gow