Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallo'ween!

I couldn't resist one last little post after discovering this picture in my files.
Some seem to celebrate all year long or simply very early!

A Sunday Smile

Anish Kapoor 's installation of sculptures dotted through out Hyde Park in London are very intriguing to all who pass.

They peak out through the trees from a distance....

Catching your eye with a glint of stainless steel....

Or a pop of pure colour.....

Varying in size they are dotted about the park....

One of the favorites.....

This magical piece that turns the world upside down!

I caught this gentleman who obviously is still in touch with his inner child throughly
studying and enjoying the effects of the piece.... I think Mr. Kapoor would have
been charmed seeing this inter/reaction to the piece.

Krakow Warmth

Krakow is a treasure trove of fabulous exterior architectural details but, I thought I would start with pictures of a little unpretentious cafe where we enjoyed the warmth of the traditional Borstch soup with dumplings. The cafe was very traditional yet had a very current design ethos simply and carefully thought out and executed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

With a Very Slight Nod to Halloween

Hope you all have fun.....having just arrived home I was enjoying the thought of missing the costume dramas of  years before with six darlings when who should pop by looking for suitable clothing pieces but the only 'child' left on the island at the moment!

Below is the gorgeous Georgian styled mantle of one of my hostesses in London. Our lives cross in very funny ways, she taught grade one to my three youngest, back in the old county. After a recent break of 4 years of not seeing each other we carried on in conversations like it was yesterday....such a treat!

She has a very patient husband who very calmly put up with us rearranging the furniture one afternoon. Can you imagine coming home from work and finding your house guests have completely changed your front hall, living room and even made suggestions for the dining room? (It maybe  a while before we are invited to stay anywhere again.) 98% of the furnishings and curtains belong with the apartment so there are real design limitations. My hosts have good decorative items and art from their travels which help lighten the very traditional English furnishings. One fabulous treat of the apartment is two working fireplaces.

The most enchanting space? The roof top garden at sunset!

A Month of Blue Skies

It's hard to believe but a month has come and gone since the last post! Reviewing all the pictures it is hard to know where to start....I have been totally spoiled with constant exposure to fabulous architecture, great design, wonderful food, wine and friends!

Here is a smattering of the blue skies we enjoyed from Brittany to Krakow back to Paris and on to London, missing rain, rain and flooding back in Thailand.