Friday, March 26, 2010

Phuket finishing Teams in London

Wow...12 men finishing a one bedroom flat! More same/same...great guys working hard...Wednesday is the move in date can we make it look like these pics below????

Puppies in London just like Phuket!

It is a bit same/same as we say in Thailand...keeping furry babies happy...look at this!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grand Designs

Addicted to all the home reno programs here in the UK.....they haven't hit Thailand yet.
Pics sent from an old friend look like she could be a candidate for the program!
Looks like another amazing work in progress...... I can't wait to visit.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What has blogger done?

Is it just me stuck here in one of the largest city's in the world without wireless and struggling I feel like this baby! Excuse the goofy layouts still trying to figure it all out!

Bring some Phuket Sparkle to Grey London!

In the final throes of it all....time to add a bit of bling to the bath and cloakroom...with lots of mirror around I am hoping these fixtures will do the trick!

Pictures courtesy of Heals

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For some Phuket Sun - Grey Inside and Out in London

Sketching as we go....

Cold and now grey.....classic London....oh for Phuket sun!

The tearing out reveals more room for storage in spots we didn't suspect, this is a real bonus here where space is at a platinum premium!

Finally room for a linen cupboard....
looks depressing but it is good news!

Why Phuket to London in March?

I am here to help darling daughter #1 with a kitchen and bath renovation. It should be fairly simple as dd has a strict no colour white scheme.

We are at the stage of why????

Our before pictures make the kitchen in particular look just fine! However, we do know it was ghastly with an oven that didn't work, dishwasher crumbling, ghastly little fridge freezer set up, cupboards with no storage ( how can that be?) well it is true!

So we have taken a lovely calm seemly just fine flat and hit the renovation button. As an old contractor friend used to say the only time you have control in a renovation is when you decide to go ahead! More on that later.....

Sunny Phuket to Sunny London

Cold but sunny ...sounds pretty much like a Canadian weather forecast to me...why, oh why, did I leave my winter coat in Phuket? Ah.... well as long as the sun shines we all can smile no matter where!