Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phuket to Poland

Planning on a week in Poland this fall with my BFF in the midst  of our trip to France. Seeing this fabulous, clean design by Tamizo a group of 4 - 30 year olds via Chic Tip really inspires. Gorgeous balance and control in use of materials, tones and textures. The discipline of clean calm interior design is hard to do any better than this! all pictures from Tamizo website

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just thinking about...

Kaufmann Widrig Swiss architects have designed this 'infill' home on Lake Geneva. I gather from the information posted it is to echo the feeling of some of the old lakeside boathouses. Long and narrow it does utilize the views however, I am really meditating on the steel cladding.....ummmmmmmmmmm?
Certainly there seems to be a number of architectural styles and zoning solutions on this hillside none
of which seem to compliment or enhance the natural beauty of the land.
all photos Georg Aerni


After having lived in France briefly just before the turn of the century, (I just couldn't resist writing that), we still harbour thoughts of a small house in the hills somewhere in the south. This village house ticks all the boxes, other than returning home on your bicycle...that up hill run would be something!
Renovated with three beds - 3 baths-  small yard and pool...ummmmmmm!
Winter in Phuket - Summer in France .

Monday, August 23, 2010

Phuket Random Moments

There is design in everything..... random or planned.....lots of smiles too.  Last week's research had me out and about very near home with the camera in hand so here's some of the moments. Zen styled and otherwise!

Will the new traffic lights work?  I'm not sure this Phuketian will care.

Looking for the wood working shop I bypassed the bird cage store, bird singing competitions are a big
passtime here in Phuket. Birds are worth up to 200,000.00THB, people often take their birds to work and leave them close by in the trees.

Here's the wood shop 10 puppies of varying age and stage, keeping everyone company!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sort of a new idea....

ah... the perfect guest cottage at the cottage.....
I do think this is a clever idea...based on the concept of an iceberg, more below the waterline than above...
I am not sure about maintenance?
Daniel Andersson is an architect based in Vienna available  to design your next?
all images from Daniel Andersson