Monday, March 19, 2012

Falaknuma's Ballroom

First arriving to the Palace lit up for the evening...

From the terrace you glance at the sparkling city lights of Hyderabad below.

A quick peak back as you enter the grand stair hall and start up the beautiful rise of the stairs.

The stairway is lined with pictures of successive Viceroys, many who would have walked these same marble steps. Italian white marble statues of the Muses light the staircase...look for  Terpsichore with her lyre near the top of the double height hall.

The imposing oil portraits in ornate golden frames are of Viqar ul Omra the Dewa and palace's first owner however the grouping is interrupted with an overpowering portrait of the 6th Nizam on
the mid landing.

Sparkling candelabra and flowers  greet one on the  upper landing before entering one of the most dazzling rooms of all in the palace.

Dancing was adored  by both the Diwan and the Nizam. Viqar ul Omra had the floor specially constructed with a parquet in a very intricate pattern that sparkled with dimension. Huge mirrors
reflecting the dancers and the glorious chandeliers surround the space. A special dias at one end
for the host to view the party or for the muscians finished the grand room.

Delicate settees and sofa's surround the room for tired dancers. Sumptious draperies and upholstery details complete the breath-taking room.


Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo said...

Good morning Heather,
your photos are very professional!
Are you going to publish a book about Falkanuma Palace?! Is there already one?
May I ask, how come you had the whole palazzo for yourself to take pictures? No other guests? No servants? No tourists?

Concrete Jungle said...

Funny can you believe the hotel was full, 100% as it was New Years. We arrived a couple of days ahead and the main palace was mine! It really was a photographer's dream...happy I am not boring you all yet!

Heather Robinson said...

Hi Heather! Oh, I am behind on your posts but it looks like I did not miss out on the best part--the Ballroom!!! Sigh.
Hope you are well...
The Other Heather