Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Phuket thinking of Japan

Although there are great areas of horrifying distruction from the quake and tsunami the damage has echoes of Phuket in 2004 where many places were untouched on the island. Son and husband are skiing in Japan at the moment. I am not sure what will happen re: return plans but, the snow looks fabulous.

I think this is the best graphic I have seen so far regarding the disaster.
To raise funds the 'Help Japan " poster for $25+ for earthquake and tsunami relief.
Designer Max Erdenberger  Wieden + Kennedy 40" x 26"
HERE for details on purchase


Ann said...

Good idea.
What a horror.

Hard to believe sometimes- life does go on.

- Susan - said...

Good morning Heather,

I liked the birthday party pictures! You are so lucky that your son's celebrate his 40th bday with you, you must be a special mum ! (ok, Phuket also attracts, but still!!!).

And now he is skiing in Japan? Hope they are fine. Getting to Tokyo airport seems okay, just slower as normal, I heard. But you have contact, right?

The design looks a bit like Swiss has invaded Japan or the otherway round....

Next week is a "supermoon", hope no more desasters.