Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phuket Paradise Found

This looks like one of the most perfect locales I have seen of late, beyond fabulous views tropical breezes and no sand being tracked into the house! A stunning design created by Original Vision Design this firm just gets better and better.

A clear, true sensitivity to the site is expressed by the designers and owner, this is not always a common reaction of architects and builders in Phuket. This site is not a simple build, the architects have neatly tucked the building below the site lines of the public road, you will not see this villa from the roadside.

Neatly stacked, the levels create a large villa due to the steepness of the site not, the footprint of the building. The granite hillside is incorporated into the villa keeping it grounded and in touch with the land as eyes soar towards the view from the seamless indoor/outdoor space.

Wait and see the clean absolutely controlled interiors next post.

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