Sunday, January 3, 2010


Rev. Spooner and wife Xena Spooner .... what dark secrets  are hidden behind the smiles?
Indian born Mrs. Spooner works in the Mission school as a teacher but what did she do before?
Rev. Spooner an American  missionary  a passionate campaigner against organized crime... what
did he do before arriving in Shanghai?

Sue Suki the Japanese film star..... another Mata hari?
Mousy Tung the mysterious housekeeper, a communist sympathizer and mistress of the murdered  Fu Mancheria

Lady Marmalade is working at the French consulate, unfortunately Lord Marmalade is unable to attend so her partner at the dinner table is  Wan Ton Willy... a local business man and close associate of the murdered man suspected of being involved in the notorious criminal underworld of Shanghai .

Bruce Lie an expert in martial arts currently working as a nightclub dancer hoping to break into films
Why was he invited?

He brought his trusty hound.....
Peking Tom an Australian adventurer with a taste for the shady business deal,

The table awaits....

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Tilda B. Hervé said...

thank you for the comment, so I found your blog, very cool! happy new year to thailand from switzerland! take one sun nap for me....