Tuesday, January 19, 2010

and to Dream....

Wow! already Valentine's Day chat is appearing on the design blogs. Here's an idea for a gift to your
beloved. Perfectly named for the occasion - Song Saa - meaning sweethearts in Khumer.

Two 'Sweetheart's off on the horizon....here in Cambodia's untouched archipelago Koh Rong you can find Song Saa resort - a very special place where you can become a cast away in luxury. There are still a few villas left for purchase in this amazingly beautiful spot.

The developers of this dream resort have established a large marine conservation area to help preserve
the sea life. As they say in their mission statement "a healthy environment depends on healthy communities", to this end they will donate a portion of their revenue to help educate and fund local health and schooling. This policy apparently has already had an excellent effect on preserving the marine
life of the area. The resort employs a full time marine biologist to educate both the guests and the local

It sounds like sustainable tourism at it's best - a valentine to these developers!

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