Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ummm - to sleep at seven

Here is a rather lovely take on a boutique hotel with real contemporary Thai spirit....Seven....

This special little five star hotel is a fabulous home away from home. The young owner Pylin Jane Sanguanplyapand has created a very unique hostelry, just six rooms, each with  it's own colour and design. Voted one of Bangkok's top ten quirky hotels, reviews have been outstanding not just for design but, for the wonderful staff and service.

The rooms are based on the colour of the day of the week derived from the specific god of the planet for that day of the week. This concept is taken from ancient Indian astrology where, Sunday is red for the Sun god, Monday is yellow for the Moon god, Tuesday is pink for the Mars god, Wednesday is green for the god of Mercury, Thursday is orange for the god of Juniper, Friday is blue for the god of Venus while finally Saturday is purple for the Saturn god. The rooms are decorated in the colours of Monday through Saturday. Reclaimed teak warms the floors of the guest rooms.

Seven's 7th space is the red reception and bar area called Seventh is complimented by changing art work of new, emerging Thai artists. Cool polished concrete floors echo my design credo and ethos.

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