Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taj Falaknuma Palace - Bed and Bath

Just off the ladies gossip room is the bedroom for the main wife of the Nizam, decorated presently as it was for her. Originally from Turkey looking at her picture she appears a very stylish woman of the era. The palace is still owned by one of her descendents, Princess Esra Jah who has a smaller residence on the palace grounds for her visits today. An interior designer Princess Esra Jah was instrumental in  all aspects of the restoration of the Falaknuma palace.
(Note: In the shower surround of the bath tub covered by the curtain there is an amazing framework of pipes that had assorted jets of water that sprayed the bather yes, that would be 1875!)


Unknown said...

Such luxury for that time. I love the screen and the bathroom, looks like a bathroom of today except that our fixtures are more generous in size. Enjoying the tour!

Anonymous said...

Hi - just a correction.

The Nizam's wife was not Turkish. The Nizam's son married a Turkish princess - Princess Ezra.