Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Most Amazing Drawing Room - Falaknuma Palace

The drawing room at Falaknuma Palace is simply breathtaking. This is the one room that was completely redone when the Nizam bought the palace from the Diwan. Previously it had been very French roccoco in it's decorating style. The new decorating and details are amazing, way over the top influences of the new arts and crafts style starting to sweep across Britain at the time. Definitely a bit of if you can do it I can it better! It is said there was a subtle hint at the price to the Nizam when in the UK at the Rolls Royce factory ordering a car and in the same fashion he ordered three more Rolls to be used as garbage trucks!

(PS. Sorry this took forever but it was an amazing gig to get pictures from mac air to imac...seems imac is too old to do it easily...purchased 2009!)


Unknown said...

Gorgeous. Now if only our ceiling fans today looked that good!

Concrete Jungle said...

They have a great twist on the blade that really pushes the air down ,much more effective then the flat blades of today! These are also particularly fabulous having the motor covered in a cut crystal globe....more sparkle!

- Susan - said...

The picture of the ceiling fan also attracted me! It has even some decoration on the blades, which look like banana leaves.

I also like the filigran mosquito net around the bathtub! Much nicer than shower curtain as it is not hiding the bathtub and when sitting in, you can still look out.