Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Nizam's Office at Falaknuma Palace

To the right and the left as you first enter the Fountain Vestibule on the main level of the palace are offices. It is said that the 6th Nizam passed away on the leather couch in the the office on the east, one of his favorite rooms in the palace. Both rooms look onto the colonaded veranda through fully opening doors inset with stained glass panels, then onto the skyline of Hyderabad. Large, quiet rooms fairly simple in their overall decoration they are cushioned with deep carpets and furnished with solid imposing desks . In contrast quite light, delicate arts and crafts Japonisme styled seating suites with distinctive  fan backs complete the offices.  These furniture suites were manufactured in India to specific designs sent out from England. The west office includes a very ornate clock detailed in the French style although the mechanism was produced in Calcutta.

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