Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kings of the Palace at Falaknuma

The men were certainly kings of the palace at Falaknuma with a saloon about five times the size of the  women's gossip room. Three interconnected spaces on the upper level directly across from the ball room create a sumptuous mens club atmosphere. The central area houses a magnificent billards table with raised tooled leather settees for viewing the match comfortably. Busty carved maidens adorn arms of chairs and table legs and applique silk embroidery on leather and silk embellish assorted chairs and settees. Smoking, reading and game playing areas on either side of the billard table are divided gently with carved columns and voluminous draperies are at each window. The card playing area appeared to have a tooled leather wall covering throughout. The ceiling panelling was extraordinary adding yet another layer of visual richness to the space.

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Unknown said...

Those mouldings are wonderful. So rich and interesting to see how they lived. Still loving those ceiling fans!