Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More of the Club Scene in Old Shanghai

You can still find old elegant Shanghai tucked often behind large gates.  This particular building I am still very curious about. I suspect it was part of a country club complex in the French Concession but, I haven't managed to figure out which one. It has the most beautifully aged copper roof. Now part of the Radisson Hotel complex it is still used for functions.

In the late thirties there were no less than 200 active clubs catering to every need of the foreigners in
the city. Reading in Tales from Old Shanghai` by Graham Earnshaw the club scene was just plain decadent. Earnshaw writes 'Alphabetically they ran from the Air Defense Club to the Zero Club' encompassing yachting, horses, shooting, football, golf, swimming, and theatre to name just a few of the offerings.

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