Friday, February 4, 2011

More French Travel Thoughts

Although I should be focusing on planning the next trip coming up to Laos and China I get off track easily it seems by posts brought to me via the blogging world. The Designer Pad featured the fabulous and well published La Maison Pujol in the south of France near Carcassonne recently.

While the walled old city of Carcassonne is fabulous viewed from afar bringing to mind damsels and knights, it is 'tres touristic' and slightly disappointing when entered. This gem of a small hotel might just be the right spot to visit when in the region though. Of course food, wine and weather is wonderful too!

The talented photographer Manolo Yllera (do check out his portfolio to see his marvelous work!) has managed to convey the relaxing ambiance that architect Phillipe Phi has created from an old winery.  Fun clean and controlled in the spareness of design La Maison Pujol is a salute to mid century modernism with twenty first century elan.

Casual relaxing entry pool, lobby and dining areas.

Followed with fun perfectly accessorized soothing rooms and baths.

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Ann at PlumSiena said...

I've wanted to visit Carcassonne- ever since I read (and reread) The Priest's Madonna. Thanks for the hotel tip as I intend to get there some day!