Monday, January 31, 2011

So you want to learn how to cook Thai Food!

The Blue Elephant in the Governor's Mansion is also a cooking school. Thai food is one of the most popular styles of cooking today. Learn how at The Blue Elephant's Cooking School, in some of the loveliest surroundings to be found in Phuket.


Hellohello baby said...

My mouth is running with water! Wonder what that dessert on the last photo might be?! It looks so delishous!

To morrow I am driving my mum to the airport. She is going home to Thailand for 6 weeks!

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Yum ... it looks delicious!
I love Thai food.
Have you been to the cooking classes Heather?
Hope your week has started off well.

Concept Interiors said...

yes please!My mum and sister attended this cooking class in Bankok, and they make the best Tomkagai, or whatever the name is...I love the smell!

Concrete Jungle said...

Dear Concept Interiors...nothing like the smells if you come to Phuket, the school here has had rave reviews!

Concrete Jungle said...

Dear Hellohellobaby,
Your lucky mum escaping the cold...the weather is perfect here at the moment. The last dish is a coconut creme brulee with homemade ice cream...truly light and delectable!

Concrete Jungle said...

The food is gorgeous can be lightly spiced and more 'Royal Thai' recipes so generally not a lot of oil used.
I leave the thai cooking to the experts but, friends swear by the experience. Apparently the curries are to die for!