Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Thai Style

Yesterday while trying to take a 'single picture' to illustrate 'my style' for  from The Right Bank, I snapped a few of the living/dining area at home. DD#3 insists I must move on to taking pictures in RAW and then get the 'look' I want by manipulating the picture in photoshop. "You don't believe that that photographer hasn't manipulated the shot on the computer Mom, of course they have!" Back in the dark ages I thought if I just learned the apertures, light levels etc. I might come up with a good shot or two....ah well... there is another way it seems. The following were not taken in RAW and other then straightening and cropping, (the extent of my skills) the pictures still do illustrate the feel of the room.  The area has a number of paint colours and then sometimes hues of each colour which I have yet to see anywhere else.


Michelle said...

You have to learn aperture and so on as well, and as I say it's not manipulation but making the decisions yourself instead of having the camera make 'em for you! xx

Ann said...

I love your room! The colors look wonderful together- they flow so nicely. It is so clean without being only one color.
I'd love to see more, actually!