Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From Thailand to Blogland

Allie from The Right Bank has challenged aficionados of design blogs to define our 'style' in one picture.
At a quick glance of the entries everyone seems to have a very 'eclectic style' in their choices. Do have a look and see what you think. There are some gorgeous rooms featured.

I wonder if anyone has actually chosen their own home? Am I the one and only?

picture not sure where from

This room has some aspects I would like to incorporate into my next living room namely the double height, a fireplace and most of all I love the library mezzanine, of course a grand piano in the corner always adds a wonderful finishing touch. In the mean time I would have to say my own living - dining areas reflect accurately my 'style'.  Airy high ceilings with lots of seating, some books, reflections of our own travels and life in furnishings and art with some French/Thai sparkle (mirrors and chandeliers) combined with open easy access to the garden and pool areas.

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