Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You Presents

We all get a lot of house guests in Phuket some good some would be fun to have some who thought like this suggestion!
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House Proud
Holly's Houses Custom Rubber Stamps

custom rubber stamps for a personalized gift!

The last time you were invited to a friend’s country house, you managed to spill red wine on the rug and make a pass at her younger brother.

But not to worry: We found a thank-you present so charming, you might actually get asked back.

Illustrator Holly-Anne Rolfe creates bespoke rubber stamps of any home exterior that can be used to personalize stationery, thank-you cards, invitations or envelopes. Simply send Rolfe a photograph of the abode (or a detail shot of the front door or a pretty garden, if you prefer), and she’ll send you a custom stamp and a black ink pad within two weeks.

Rolfe can also include the address, property name or a message at no extra cost, so homeowners can leave their mark on anything from library books to wrapping paper. And remember you (fondly) for years to come.

Holly’s Houses (079327 39558 or, £69.

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