Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smiles in Sexy Shanghai

As promised..... (china access via


Here at MARY CHING HQ, we still can't quite get over the fact that Intern Julia's post about her Craigslist date with Mr. S resulted in his being busted and subsequently dumped by his girlfriend. So we've decided that we need a bit of friendly competition with our readers. Send us your best/worst/most memorable online dating story and after reading and reviewing the results, we will post the top three stories on the blog. Humorous and humiliating experiences are equally encouraged and will be judged by the MARY CHING girls on a scale of our choosing. The winner will receive a pair of MARY CHING stilettos to wear on your next hot date. Style depends on availability. You must sign up as a follower on the blog and fill out the following questionnaire to participate. Contest closing date is May 25.

I have a feeling this will have to be posted onwards to most of my friend's daughters however I bet there are some funny fab over fifty stories out there too! Whoever wins and wears a Mary Ching stiletto on a first internet date must somehow check the fella's height first!

P.S. Chrissy and Michy I am thinking in honour of the latest news re: availability of Mary Ching in France and your locale in the French Concession in Shanghai this blog should also be written in French!

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French-Kissed said...

These shoes are fabulous{I always love the extra height} and the Mary Ching blog is great fun! Hope you have a wonderful trip.