Saturday, May 8, 2010

Singapore Architects Do it Again!

Imagine driving up to this entrance, complimenting contrasting textures hide the biggest surprise of all...... step inside to discover water, water everywhere, calming, cooling, and soothing. This home designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design in Singapore of course would be ideal here in Phuket. Design team Cecil Chee, Robin Tan and Sean Zheng can come
north any time and work their magic!

Entering through the double entry doors a fabulous swooping staircase dominates but, just a little further into the building the design team has balanced this feature with a series of cooling ponds the first hint at the marvelous use of water throughout. This main level encloses kitchen, dining area and bedroom suites all looking onto the verdant gardens. However start following that gorgeous staircase up to the second level and you will discover .... water, water, cooling, calming and soothing complimented with views from this remarkable living area.

The use of a number of different toned and textured materials combined with the water features that of course are cooling in the tropical climate, create a truly well balanced piece of architecture..

all photos courtesy of Albert Lim

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