Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Upstairs Downstairs?

My youngest son is part of the crew on this fabulous new super yacht. Just launched this past summer the yacht is spending the winter season in the Caribbean before heading back across the Atlantic to the Med and then off on a tour around the world. There is lots and lots of polishing for the crew shown lined up a la Upstairs - Downstairs. The yacht is owned by a self made gentlemen who is helping the economy in a big way. I am hoping for some interior shots soon to show you. Yachting is an amazing industry with some quite fabulous interior design slowly developing away from the excess interior styling of yesteryear. 

The Elandess has very classic, understated exterior styling however there are some fairly exciting designs out there. For instance artist Jeff Koons painted the exterior of Greek art collector Dakis Joannou's yacht,"Guilty". Many thought it was an homage to Roy Liechtenstein however it is a  very contemporary interpretation of a traditional camouflage used during World War 1. Mr. Joannou could not resist purchasing Sara Morris' text painting 'Guilty' for one of the bedrooms after the yacht was launched.

Philip Stark also has designed a yacht that pushes the boundaries. I was surprised to locate this newer ship (2008) as after designing the interiors of a fairly classic super yacht he had stated he felt the industry was not something he wished to be involved with, seeing it as excessive and wasteful. Obviously he had a change of heart. The 'A' owned by Andrei Melnichenko is 119m in length and many claim Stark has done it again, turning yacht design 'on its head' with the superstructure making the yacht look like an overturned keel.To read more check Monaco eye

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