Monday, January 11, 2010

Giving Back with Some Design Style.....

Here is a clear vision of using nature's bounty to provide us with building materials. Rintala Eggertsson architects of Norway travelled with a group of architecture students  from home to the northern Thai/Myanmar border area. Here the group lead by Sami Rintala built a two story library building at the Safe Haven Orphanage in a very short two week period. The group built a pretty little building that quietly sits in the landscape while answering and providing a number of solutions in learning for the 42 Karon children housed at the orphanage.

Utilizing local materials of lava stone from the site, bamboo, concrete bricks and wood the structure was designed to take advantage of natural airflow for ventilation and over hanging eaves and full pole bamboo screens were developed to provide cooling shade.

The main level of the library is equipped with shelving and a computer area. The mezzanine level provides a cozy area for enjoying the books and lounging.

All pictures from rintalaeggertsson architects

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Delivery Skipper said...

so that's how they do things over there, locally grown materials probably free to collector. Still it works, but it must get a bit breezy when the wind blows