Sunday, January 17, 2010

For Tim, John and Ivor!

I sent a note to all my friends and family back in the 'old country' this past week asking them to have a look at the blog for fun. As I have ended up not being a purist and posting just  Asian design ideas I thought it was a great way  for some old friends to catch up with our antics in the tropics. A kind, sweet, ardent cyclist friend wrote back and said he'd pass it on to his wife but, he'd be more inclined to read if I had some bicycle posts! This one is for you Tim!

French Industrial designer Julian Bergigat has come up with a lightweight, inexpensive, recyclable  bike helmet. I do wonder what happens to all those old sweat incrusted broken strapped ones that have hit our garbage pails over the years. Based on the shell of the Armadillo this helmet lies flat so popping it into your back pack/suitcase etc. is much easier.9 from

Here's just a few pictures with bikes that will make us all the 'get real' category!
from riding pretty

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