Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wrap it up for Christmas in Phuket!

WE Architects from Denmark have come up with this stunning design for a steep site on the west coast of Phuket. I am wondering when they will build. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at and fits neatly into the site. A gorgeous balance of three rectangles connected by fabulous circular stairways. The roof top pool would glow through the evening and provide interest when the sun goes down.

I think one might also consider an automatic window cleaning system as from April to October the onshore monsoon winds are very strong. In the model they have a wee dock and sailboat illustrated, this would be a very seasonal thing if viable at all with the winds and surf of the Andaman sea.

With the most common method of construction here being concrete this sort of design is not particularly difficult to build here and is surprisingly reasonable due to the low cost of labour.

The pool design looks very interesting with steps throughout the length.

All pictures/plans courtesy of WE Architects...I'd love to discover where this is to be built and see the finished product!

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