Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Ultimate Contemporary Barge - The Qrooze

This is the barge design favoured by my sons, the mariners, new, sleek with all the latest gadgetry. The Qrooze does have a very bright and shiny look and is actually very good value for it's price point. There are some  gorgeous aspects to it certainly. I love it's main level and open plan layout. The makers say I could have a fireplace which would be my special addition. The bedrooms are a little too built in and shippy for my taste... making those beds too challenging, although they certainly are warm and snuggly looking. Finally I'd omit any wood due to maintenance and the way it always will darken over time. BUT.... somehow the exterior lines really take some getting used to. All photos courtesy of The Qrooze.

Could you imagine waking to a different view whenever you choose?

Clean, classic contemporary interiors.

Not too sure about this stair arrangement..... I think I might have to look at alternate flooring to suit my furry beasties.

Need to utilize some of the nooks for books but loads of room for cooking and chatting with the company.

Looks like a table that could accommodate  Thanksgiving and Xmas crowds for sure.

Lots of room in the Master to customize to suit whims and styles.

This is cute if you have kiddies on board the shutters could appeal to more than just the babes.

Very European styled hot tub on deck - Fabulous sliders for seemless indoor outdoor living.

Looks like you can party on this boat for sure!

Take your friends for a dinner cruise.

Then sail away.

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