Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Barge Dream Goes On

So starting from something like this.... being very brave.....

Could I have this? Only in France it would seem.

This conversion is one of my favorites, I really could just move in.....what's stopping me?
Ummm well it is priced at 1.2 million euros and I'd really prefer a white kitchen hehehe!

Described as a Palace on the Seine....loving the stairs.

The dining area at Wheelhouse level is ohh.... soo..... French in spirit.

Lots of potential here.

Lots of light  seems to be the key.

This illustrates the volume of most holds - an open plan is the best way to maximize the space.

Bright and airy but this  deck expansion may make it hard to pass under some bridges.

So this would be the fantasy......
can you imagine....

Stuff of dreams.

Pictures from  Seineplus where all the barges are listed for sale

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Delivery Skipper said...

No idea where the last post went so I will repeat. Hmmm I wonder is this coincidence or..... well this could be a small world and is this the same Heather who is looking at Abe, Interior designer, lives over there somewhere, well now I know where the ideas are coming from and gives me an insight to your tastes