Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arches of a lost City in India

Mandu - The City of Joy in southern Madhya Pradesh, not far from Indore....who knew? The area has been settled from the 6th century BC however the lost city was at it's most glorious in the 1400's. Temples, audience chambers at court, swimming pools on roofs for the harem with glorious city views, all embrace arch shapes.


Heather Robinson said...

Incredible. I am a little speechless, Heather! I am going to forward this to Remi. I want to go! Bravo for the spectacular photos.

Concrete Jungle said...

Hi Heather,

It really is incredible....have a quick wickipedia look up....not quite as grand as Ankor Wat but amazing!
I cannot believe I was raised thinking most Indians lived in mud huts...National Geo circa 1960 era...I guess!
There is still the white marble tomb which the Taj Mahal was based on, built 150 years before, they had water charcoal filter plants
and all sorts of other engineering marvels....I imagine this city and Paris and London at the same time ummmmm.
the west was wayyyyyyyyy behind! You must go. hugs H

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