Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amazing Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad

Most of the previous chandelier and ceiling pictures were taken at the Chowmahalla Palace in Hyderabad. This yet another one of the Nizam's 'little spots'! Actually his main housing complex in Hyderabad and recognized as his official residence.

A wedding cake of a building complex. Construction was started in 1750 and completed between 1857 - 1867. Apprarently a replica of the Shah's Palace in Tehran, the complex stretched over 42 acres and is really a series of four palaces housing various aspects of the Nizam's household. In it's prime it required 7000 attendants! The clock in the clock tower has been ticking steadily for 250 years.


Unknown said...

The detail is just amazing. I'm still agog over the chandeliers.

Concrete Jungle said...

The whole package is pretty stunning, detail on detail!
Thanks for reading!