Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indian Rainbows

Thailand is every shade of green, Italy is every shade of  terracotta and ochre, but India is the rainbow. Starting here with the obvious, women in saris in a little town in central India, practically the full spectrum of colours, in a short afternoon walk!


Glamour Drops said...

Truly magnificent photos. I so adore these bright vibrant colours of India, and am mad keen to go there one day. It's so interesting how different countries, with the different light, have evolved to enhance such different colours. How would these outfits look against the softer grey skies of Provence, for instance? Not as beautiful, I suspect.

Thank you for your lovely good health wishes, too!

Unknown said...

Such inspiration! Beautiful color.

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

India is definitely on my bucket list ... have always wanted to visit and hopefully will get there one day!
The colours are amazing ...

Heather Robinson said...

Heather, I am soo behind on your blog (girlfriend, you produce!) but how great to not have missed this as it just made my day. So much beauty!!! Gosh, do I feel like such a loser in my sweater and yoga pants. How lovely they look!

And I loved my friend Virginia's comment--yes, those colors would be outlandish in Provence!

Ann said...

Great photos!

I know from working on the floral decor for more than a few Indian weddings that they love color (as do I). They also love flowers and are surprised when they realize flowers are not as plentiful or cheap in the US as they are in India.

So how have you been lately?