Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Looking UP in Taj Falaknuma Palace

From Viqar ul Omra's travels he wanted it all, a little British, French, German and Italian. Building a palace such as Falaknuma was a clear statement and a way of achieving social equivalence with the elite of the West. Indeed when the Nizam purchased the palace from Viqar ul Omra, just five years after building was completed, he added to the already illustrious visitor's list additional members of the European and British royal houses, including the Crown Prince of Germany, the Grand Duke of Russia and finally topped it off with the then Prince and Princess of Wales.  ( I cannot resist showing some more ceiling details.) 

The wood carved and stained glass ceiling of the upper main hall  landing leading to the drawing room, ballroom, dining room and men's saloon. 

The billards room ceiling carved and faux wood finishes, then the ballroom in corals, peaches, dark green and mint.

The diningroom ceiling, such a contrast in colours to the room below, seems to match the entry below,
a more Italian ambiance.


Splendid Willow said...

Heather, how is your neck from staring at so many beautiful ceilings! That chandelier is not so shabby either!


Heather Robinson said...

Hey Heather, I just gave your blog two awards over at chez moi. I love all of these details (yes, not to mention the crazy chandeliers). What a life you have!

Bon weekend,
Heather :)