Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soft and Hard in Egypt

Luxor is breathtaking. Temples, tombs and palaces beyond belief. Well away from any of the unrest in Cairo however suffering mightily because of it. There seemed to be only about 10% of the normal tourists visiting at this very perfect time of year. Rows of river boats tied together going nowhere as there are no tourists to take a cruise on the Nile. Empty temples to wander through make it a special treat at this point in time.

As anyone who has travelled to Egypt knows Egyptians are VERY persistent in trying to sell you just about anything.... they would be the perfect salesmen to choose for timeshare!
Setting out for a little walk to the Winter Palace Hotel we finally broke down and got into Omar's carriage. He  had called to us, coming along side us in his carriage he walked beside us on foot engaging us in conversation for so long that when told the price of a tour in town we gave in. He had a beautifully looked after horse and for $2.00 US we could have a city tour for one hour! He showed us magical and very real places we never would have seen without him, he told us things we never would have learn't and by the end of our hour we were very sad indeed to part company.

If you ever are in Luxor, do hire Omar for as much time as you can spare and learn and  really see Luxor as it is today.
His number is
002 016 6469677
but the mobile company may be  adding a number by the time you get there so try
002 0163 6469677.
If you reach him you are in for a special treat!

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Heather Robinson said...

Amazing! Heather, my jaw dropped to see the temples empty! What an incredible experience. And I loved the last photo from the carriage. Yes, the Egyptians are the most persistent I have ever encountered ANYWHERE but once you give in you are in for a treat. :)

Please be safe, ok?