Monday, November 28, 2011

London Design

Of course there are more and more design shops in this city, happily just around the corner from where I was staying was one of the best!

Mint just opened in this location on Alexander Square this past September.
Some fabulous cutting edge designs you definitely will not see everywhere.
The 'burnt' chest finish is original. Do go to their web site and explore their
selections, fabulous and inspirational.

'Round the other corner Johnathan Adler just brought his California
style to town too! (forgive the through the window pictures)


Unknown said...

Love the peek at the shops! How nice that they are not far from where you are and you can pop in regularly! I think I would be broke if Jonathan Adler was around my corner.

Glamour drops said...

Those crazy lights behind the sofa with the groovy Charlie Chaplin cushion have me very intrigued. Look like they are made of little brass pieces? Just fabulous. Virginia xx

Heather Robinson said...

I have never been an Adler fan but that burnt chest is insane! To each his own...