Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Hints Via Urban Daddy....another SMILE!

Paid in Full
Your Guide to Tax Day Deductions
We’re not accountants, but we know two things for sure: first, your taxes are due on Monday (you’re welcome); and second, you could be deducting so much more next year. So we’ve put together a humble list of suggested Tax Day Write-Offs for 2012. (We won’t tell the IRS.)
UD - A Robot Servant 
A Robot Servant
The Write-Off: A Bluetooth-equipped robot that can open doors, fold laundry and bring you a few beers from the fridge.
The Cost:
The Deduction:
 “Additional Bonus Depreciation.” Nobody knows what that means anyway.
Willow Garage PR2, start deducting here
UD - A Traveling Tennis Pro 
A Traveling Tennis Pro
The Write-Off: Private tennis lessons from Mats Wilander—holder of seven Grand Slam titles, and currently traveling the country in a Winnebago.
The Cost:
 $4,800 per day
The Deduction:
 Given how many deals are closed on the tennis court, tightening up your serve qualifies as “negotiation training.”
Wilander on Wheels, get served here
UD - A Life-Size Statue of Yourself 
A Life-Size Statue of Yourself
The Write-Off: A handsomely sculpted bronze of your exact image, possibly slaying a dragon or high-fiving an eagle.
The Cost:
 $45,000 to $200,000
The Deduction:
 Under Section 179, self re-creation is a legitimate marketing expense.
UD - An Honest-to-God Blimp 
An Honest-to-God Blimp
The Write-Off: The psychological edge of showing up to work in a 230-foot blimp cannot be overstated.
The Cost:
 $500,000 per month, or $8 million to buy
The Deduction:
 Transportation expenses, naturally.
Bullet 580 Blimp Rental, take off here
UD - A White Lion Cub 
A White Lion Cub
The Write-Off: You could use a pet. And a mascot.
The Cost: 
$140,000 per cub
The Deduction: 
He doubles as the world’s most expensive security system.
White Lion Cubs, thanks to international treaties... you’ll just have to ask around

Just thought this from URBAN DADDY was too good not to post on as everyone is doing their
taxes the world over this month!

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