Friday, March 11, 2011

Wonderful Phuket Town

When all my darlings were visiting last week we ventured into Patong. Woah!!!!....I haven't been right into the centre for probably two years, and now it may be never again!  When we first arrived in Phuket, Patong had a certain funny charm and carnival atmosphere that was rather enduring to visit now and again. After nature gave the main street a second chance in 2004 I had high hopes for the rebuild, as the beach is truly a beautiful stretch of sand. Alas, this has not happened!

I do think the development style in Patong is helping Phuket Town in a strange but positive way. While Phuket town was sleepy and really a dying town when we arrived over ten years ago, of late it is looking up. More and more tourists are discovering the charm and ambiance of the capital city of Phuket province. Restorations are happening around almost every corner and here you usually will discover the kindness of the real Phuket. The pressures of development  have been slow, helping preservation of this little city. I do hope the little renaissance of Phuket City continues in the same style as it has started.

A few pictures from my Monday walk after visiting the framers, the sweetest two Phuket ladies who remembered me after a 5 year pause!

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