Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I pad blogging

Not quite as simple as it looks for the technically challenged.....
Hopefully concrete jungle will not look too bizarre in the next short while.
Traveling to Laos and China with an old friend madly taking pictures!

Here are last nights shots as we strolled the streets of in Luang Prabang.
This sleepy town beside the Mekong was made a World Heritage site in 1995.
Formerly the royal capital of the Kingdom of Lao it was deemed by UNESCO as a unique site deserving protection. The architecture as in Vietnam is heavily influenced by the French but of course the Wats are completely Asian.

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suzie from Bangkok said...

Oh, I have fond memories of Luang Praban !
Is it steel sleepy?

We did a 2 day tour with a speed boat (!) down the Mekong until L.P. about 10 years ago. It was Songkran and they had elephants in the procession... and good French bakeries and restaurants... charming people, peaceful life...

Your pictures look beautiful, especially the first and the last!
How did you downloaded the pics with the ipad?

Have fun,

Greetings from Bangkok (raining, 22 degree)