Sunday, March 20, 2011

Complicated Phuket City

I just read of an exhibit in Bangkok of photography depicting the overhead wires over the last ten years,
this inspired a few shots of the same in Phuket town yesterday. These pictures were taken in a two block stroll.


Glamour Drops said...

I think you have just turned ugly into beautiful!

suzie from Bangkok said...

the first picture could be a motive for a painting !
the second last with the bulbs looks interesting.
wires... is it that bad??

PS: see the pic of the lobby on my last post... isn't that terrible? I was house hunting again (sorry blog is in German)

Ann said...

Wow! Sometimes I don't notice the wires at all; at other times I think how did we let it get to this?

I agree, you managed to make them look good!

Spring is almost here- for us northerners, it's salvation!

Viera said...

I love your pictures, very artistic.