Saturday, February 12, 2011

Details of Sino - Colonial Architecture

In old Phuket town looking for the details.

A lot of Phuket's architectural heritage is via Penang it's sister island.  The Hokkien Chinese that emigrated often from Penang brought this 'style' with them. A rich blend of European colonial influences from the English, French, Italian and Dutch often embellished with local details such as lotus.


Jamie Herzlinger said...

Very interesting post. I have always wondered about the significance of the lotus flower used so emblematically

As always, so nice to see photos from the other side of the world!
Happy Saturday!
Jamie Herzlinger

Concrete Jungle said...

Dear Jamie,
I will try and get a post together with some more decorative lotus and waterlily motifs.
As always thankyou for taking the time to make a comment. I really appreciate it!
Cheers Heather