Sunday, December 5, 2010

Only on a Sunday.....not in Krakow!

I noticed Diane Dorrans Saeks from the Style Saloniste is travelling in India (I am just a wee bit 'jungle green' but, I can't wait to see what she writes about on return). Diane mentioned seeing many bridal parades. Weddings in India are indeed a stunning celebration. In Poland a wedding appeared to be a smaller style occasion but, still very traditional. Young couples seemed to be getting married everyday of the week, it was almost a daily occurence in the 5 days I visited Krakow. Day and night we encountered brides and grooms just walking down the street, riverside, in the beautiful main square, in the hotel and in front of the opera house. (Some looked a lot happier than others, perhaps simply contemplative?! or I  hope it is just the poor photo quality as I tried to snap their pictures without being noticed.)


Anonymous said...

maybe they all have arranged marriages??

Anonymous said...

Well, its romantic anyway. I especially like the bride w/ the fur pretty!