Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Trip Planning!

Checking out hotels on the net as a friend and I plan a trip to Laos and China this coming year. I stumbled on a recommendation/ review of this  Berlin hotel on Urban Daddy. There are some fairly trippy art hotels in Bangkok and Singapore but nothing like this! This review from explains it all, not sure I am quite ready for it.

"Luvvy friend's just raved to us about this super-trendy art hotel in the centre of the butt-spankingly cool city of Berlin in Germany. It's called the Propeller Island City Lodge", but it's nothing to do with propellers, islands, or lodges. It's to do with bizarre, contemporary art and freaky design fantasy.
You see, we have this huge great ego, and the place seems made for us: "a magnet for creative individuals, those weary of consumption, those who see things differently, philosophers and seekers of perspective and vision." Describes us down to a 'T'.
Not only that, the website alleges: "frequented by personalities from around the globe, this vision machine is a much-desired shooting site for photo sessions and video clips." There's our springboard for a modelling career.
Décor in all of the 45 individually decorated rooms is the fantasy of the German artist Lars Stroschen (or as the website says, lars stroschen - he's too cool to use capitals).
There's a room with a slanting floor and a flying bed (don't ask), another where the bed is suspended 1.6m off the floor on old ship's ropes and our favourite - a room decorated entirely with mirrors. Told you we had an ego.
Oh, no, actually, here's our favourite - no.34, with a double bed that splits in half at the touch of a button and allows a screen to come down between you and your partner. Perfect when you've had enough or he's started snoring.
The décor and furnishings are so bizarre that you're handed an individual set of instructions when you check in. We don't know who hands it to you, because there's no reception - you have to tell them exactly what time you're arriving and someone'll hump down the stairs and open the front door for you. Bizarre but refreshing.
Prices are around €100 ($153) for one person or €115 ($175) for two, and each additional person costs another €15 ($30) until the room's full. Even plus a €7 ($15) breakfast, that's cheap as chips for such a spunky place. Because as well as an ego, we've got a budget..."

Starting out calmly enough with a peaceful Zen styled room the suites progress! 

Finally the room you may need to book after staying in a few of the others! Description from the hotel's site....... all pictures via propellor island city
do check out some of the other rooms on the site.

This entirely white room can be darkened and illuminated at your desire with a variety of artifical lamps. A mirror located above the bed allows you to see yourself 'in another light' - spectrally therapeutic and very spectacular! Windows and wasbasin are hidden behind soft white plush.

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