Monday, November 29, 2010

Shouldda, couldda, wouldda at Les Puces de Vanves

All this Christmas and Hanukkah blog gift giving chat really makes me wish I had started shopping at the flea market in Paris last month...oops! Somehow our markets here in Phuket aren't quite the same. Although I might just be able to locate a water buffalo head here!

Les Puces de Vanves is a treasure hunters paradise that attracts bargain seekers every Saturday and Sunday morning no matter what the weather. Here  there are over 400 stalls filled with just about everything you could imagine. I do believe the French never throw anything out without someone discovering it to recycle in someway or another. Famous designers such as Phillipe Stark and Paul Smith are known to head here for inspiration and shopping.


Design Elements said...

I want to visit the flea market in Paris too. We bought a couch there 2 years ago. Have a wonderful new week


totally fantastic! just found your blog and so glad I did--will be wonderful to garner inspiration from Thailand--the market looks like a blast--would love to see how they celebrate the season in Phuket. Come visit me soon! best, barbara

Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for the comment the other day...i couldnt find your contact link, but wanted to send this email to you to see if you wanted to contribute:

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Happy Holidays

Katie Doherty

Concrete Jungle said...

Suzanne Mir to me

OK. I'll admit it: I am addicted to junk.