Monday, November 1, 2010

From Shanghai to Paris to San Francisco - Chinoiserie!

Is it like when you purchase a new car you suddenly see the same colour everywhere?
Chinoiserie seems to be popping up a great deal as a 'new/very old trend' in the blog design world this fall. What I would have given to have attended the lectures outlined in The Style Saloniste in conjuction with the annual San Francisco Fall Antiques Show with their theme of Chinoiserie. Even our little apartment on Rue Vaneau in Paris had a taste of it. Of course there were windows in Paris design shops as well. However the piece de resistance was the Grande Singerie at Chateau de Chantilly which we stumbled upon this trip but, that is for another post!


Ann said...

I agree- everywhere!

We just did a Halloween party on Saturday in a classic, elegant mansion and their dining room wallpaper is from the twenties- a yellow Chinoiserie. I am not a huge fan of yellow, but it is just beautiful.

Looking forward to the Grande Singerie post...


Design Elements said...

I agree with Ann :-) I agree - everywhere! :-)